ATTENTION | NJSIAA Sectional Entry Closes Saturday - Details Here!

Hello Coaches, this is a reminder that all Sectional entry pages close this Saturday night May 21st at 11:59 PM. I will be updating seeds from before that deadline through Sunday if stat fixes are needed or if results come in late, they will then be downloaded by the NJSIAA on Monday. There will be no changes made to athletes entered past the deadline mentioned above, only if statistical corrections are needed.

> Entry Procedure Message From Bill Bruno <

Please keep an eye on your entry seeds, and make sure you took full advantage of entering six athletes for each individual event that you can choose three from to compete on meet day. All entry seeds are downloaded and printed for peeling and sticking to cards.

Helpful Links

Meet and Online Registration Pages

  • Please make sure you are entering the correct meet page by checking your classification on the NJSIAA site. 
  • Remember that you will be entering SIX athletes to each individual event, from those event specific six you will choose THREE on meet day to peel and stick to your card for entry. 
  • You MUST enter online to be considered entered for this event. The NJSIAA is not accepting roster alterations on meet day or hytek rosters. They need your athletes entered on the meet page, those entered are those eligible for competition. Even if they are on your team page roster but are not entered into an event through online registration, they will not be accepted.
  • If the tutorials don't answer your question or you run into an issue please email me at Questions about the regulations process outside of online registration can be directed to the NJSIAA Bill Bruno.  

Common Questions

  • Q: I have entered the meet but I can't see any events to enter. 
  • A: This could be two reasons.
    1) While editing your entry - Check the right side for Divisions Entered, there you can edit your entered divisions and when doing so you should see the events.
    2) You could be on the incorrect meet page for your team or I may have misplaced your team when I updated the classifications. I have set the meet pages to only allow those in the correct sections to enter, if you are on the wrong page then events won't show. 


  • Q: Why won't my athlete show while entering? I checked and they are marked Active on my team roster.
  • A: If you made sure they are active then also check to make sure they have the TF tag next to their name. We use TF and XC tags to help thin out roster lists during meet entry. You can add the TF tag by checking the name and clicking Add TF at the top of the roster. 


  • Q: I claimed my team and was approved but I don't see a menu to edit my roster? 
  • A: Sometimes by mistake the roster and menu colors can both be switched to one color, usually black. Change one of the color options to white or another visible color. If you aren't sure contact me to fix it. 


  • Q: My athlete's stats were updated from a meet yesterday, but not their seed on the meet page?
  • A: I usually try to update seeds twice a week, it is a different process than when I enter stats. Now that we are closing in on the deadline with a week to go I will probably update every night. If the seed never shows please contact me to fix. 

Claiming and Editing Team Example

Entering a Meet Online Example - From 2015 Indoor State Relays