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Time for Mid Terms


The Shore Coaches Invitational, held on the first Saturday in October, is often the first opportunity for teams and runners to "air it out" as the County and Conference portion of the XC season comes right up behind this classic. NJ meet. is here at Holmdel Park on a beautiful morning and we will be here until the end of the day, bringing you updates, results as they are available and more. After the meet keep coming back as we wrap up with pictures, video interviews, all official results and a "Merged Meet" for Varsity, JV and Frosh.

Race videos will be available on

To get Jim Lambert's take on the action visit his Blog on his Facebook Page


Joshua Clark of Highland reg. is the first winner today, crossing the line in 12:01 (3200m) in the Boys Frosh "C" race

In the Girls Frosh "B" event, Kristina Lignell of Metuchen went 14:43 for the win.


Frosh Results (Boys "C" and Girls "B") are now posted HERE

The always excellent Lou Fraulo and his iming crew are making full results available


In the first 5k race of the day, Chris Cook (18:38) and Kyle D'Souza (18:51) go 1-2  for The Lawrenceville School in the JV "D" race.

The winner of the Girls JV C race is Lyla Kaul of Metuchen in 22:39.


Liam Mullett of Pingry wins the Boys F race starts the varsity slate with a win and the first sub 16:00 of the day at exactly 16 flat.

Delaware Valley gets the team win with 60pts.


The "E" race goes to Bernards' Cooper Rudin in 16:30 (un)


Full resulrs of the first 2 Varsity races are now posted

Leland Jones of Summit takes the D race in 16:50 (un)


Kerry Dyke (Mt. St. Mary's '15) is the first Girls winner of the day, taking the F race in 18:42, and Mt. St. Mary's takes the team title.


Colette Richter of Mtn. Lakes wins the E race

In the last Varsity race of the morning session, Rachel Belmont racks up her 2nd win of the season, taking the D race in around 19:42.


In the Boys JV C race, Chris Drace of Pope John XXII took the win in 18:12


Stephanie Mauer of Hillsborough scores her second freshman invitational title, winning the A race in 12:48.xx (un)


In the first Varsity race of the afternoon, Ben Malone (Pascack Valley) runs 16:12   to win over Nick Costello (Delsea)  who came home in 16:22

Princeton over Indian Hills for the team win


Chris Marco of Toms River So. wins the B race in 16:33


Tom O'Neill (Middletown No.) goes 16:010 to win the A race over Westfield's Matt Luppino (16:28)

Hillsborough dominates team score with 70pts vs No. Hunterdon with119


Amanda Rickert of Wilmington (De) Charter wins the Girls Championship race in 18:57

RBC scores 63 to win the Team Title


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  • kdyke / 2 Years Ago
    According to Milesplit's results, plus the newspapers, Amanda Rickert (DE) ran 18:57, not 18:17.
  • PFFlyer / 2 Years Ago

    My apologies. Trying to type too fast.
    Correction made.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  • kdyke / 2 Years Ago
    No problem, thanks for getting right on it. Except now it reads 18:15. Sorry to be a bother.
  • PFFlyer / 2 Years Ago

    Sorry for being sloppy
  • louisbustamante / 2 Years Ago
    not fair that you judge and rank on team that run various invites to teams that don't hardly run any but when teams meet at holmdel the teams with less invites beats almost the 15 ranked team in the nation.and also your #3 and pope etc.. you can't judge if they are not running in same courses ,some teams run on flat ones and some run on mountains..
  • PFFlyer / 2 Years Ago

    I'm sorry, I do not understand your point.

  • jlanza / 2 Years Ago
    @louisbustamante It's totally fair. The poll is about making judgments about the top ten teams for each gender in the state. It's all opinion and it is important to note that your opinion is as valid as those who vote in the poll (I'm one of them) as long as you study the teams and results and base your opinion on those. But not including a team because they haven't run every invitational is just wrong. Many coaches will not race a lot early in the season because they want their runners ready for the championship meets in November and December if they're good enough. In that case judgment has to be used which is what we did.
  • louisbustamante / 2 Years Ago
    my problem is you take the best times from one race and then you put them together than another runner from same team runs a race two weeks later than you take that time and you put that one on to the teams best times and so on the time the season starts to wind down you have super team ,and that is not right.. now you have a team that does not have the same amount of invites and he is buried...that is where it goes like i said it is not you said it best it is a judgement call ..i base standings on head to head..not judgement. this is not fantasy football...every course is different come run in Sussex county especially at Wallkill High School..It will be humbling experience all these 15's would be 17's all 16's would be 18's this area is very hilly. Let it be known that i like to see PR's but some have been on courses that are so flat that you can't compare..To that i will leave it at that because i do love the sport,it is a sport that we can do forever...keep on running big fan.....
  • louisbustamante / 2 Years Ago
    Now i checked your standings and you totally took our team off ,that is such childish way to prove your point i thought that we can base our opinions on your website i meant no disrespect to you or the milesplit really i am just a big fan of the sport and a father of one of your runners that competes for the state of New Jersey and Wallkill High school...
  • PFFlyer / 2 Years Ago

    That is not true.
    Wallkill Valley is currently ranked #3 in our Rankings Poll and # 10 statistically.
  • louisbustamante / 2 Years Ago
    i was mistaken with your stats ,and i thought that was the way they rank for state standings,because week one and two.. both team stats and state ranking were the same,and then i saw team individuals posting better time on under stats tab/team rankings and certain teams got bumped down...sorry for your troubles. truly a fan.and you guys do a good job,thanks for explanation.
  • PFFlyer / 2 Years Ago
    No worries. Happy to have you as a viewer.
    Passion for a team is a good thing.