XC Countdown: Abby Loveys of Randolph

Abby Loveys - JR


4:52 1600 PR ✓
2:15 800 PR ✓
18:15 5k PR ✓
9th Holmdel returner @ 19:05 ✓

Interviewed 7/26/2017
115 days until the Meet of Champions

Q. How is your training structured this summer?

We took two weeks off after nationals and then some easy 30 minute runs for about 10 days. About two weeks ago was the start of captain practices that we have 5 days a week led by the seniors on the team. This week was our first tempo, so we've just started lightly getting into workouts. Right now our mileage is about 20-25 and it should get up to high 30s to low 40s by the end of the summer. Official practice starts August 14th, so the workouts will get more intense then. We'll also do the "Iron strength workout" involving some light weights and then we'll add some core work into that as well.

Q. What's motivating you this summer?

I really want to race well at states because we have a really good team this year. We have a lot of depth with a lot of girls who have stepped up. We have a pack of girls that are always pushing each other in practice, so we think they are really going to break out soon. I'd like to place top 10 at the Meet of Champs, I think that would be really doable. I was happy with my finish last year, but I was a little sick going into the race so I think it held me back a bit but it's definitely motivating me now. I also really want to win sectionals and counties as a team again because whenever I do well with my team I do well personally too.

Q. What are some big takeaways from last year?

I think I took away the importance of being strong and healthy. Moving into this season I think that's the key, because last year went pretty well for me so I just want to get even stronger.

Q. Are you looking to race anyone in particular this season?

The field this year is definitely going to be really talented, lots of new faces and a lot of returners. It's hard to say exactly who because there are so many talented runners this year.

Q. Do you have a distinctive racing style?

My racing style depends on what part of the season it is and how I'm feeling in that part of the race. I usually listen to the strategy given by my coach, and that will correspond to what we're trying to achieve as a team. However, I think as we move into states the plans will get more aggressive.