Jersey City Armory

Venue Records

NOT OFFICIAL RECORDS. These stats are according to our database.

Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2015-02-08 NJ AAU Jersey City Developmental Meet
2015-02-07 NJCTC Indoor Championship
2015-02-04 Hudson County Championships
2015-01-28 Ed Grant Last Chance Meet
2015-01-25 Essex County Championships
2015-01-25 Union County Championships
2015-01-23 Bill Reid Memorial
2015-01-20 Jersey City Indoor Championships
2015-01-18 NJ AAU Jersey City Developmental Meet
2015-01-10 Union County Relays
2015-01-06 HCIAL Relays
2015-01-03 Essex County Relays
2014-12-29 Holiday Relay Carnival
2014-12-27 Super Essex Conference Championships
2014-12-19 Leon Bailey Liberty Relays
2014-02-09 NJCTC Indoor Championship
2014-02-07 Hudson County Championships
2014-01-31 Ed Grant Last Chance Meet
2014-01-25 Essex County Championships
2014-01-24 Union County Championships
2014-01-21 Jersey City Indoor Championships
2014-01-16 Bill Reid Memorial
2014-01-08 Union County Relays
2014-01-07 HCIAL (Hudson Co.) Relays
2014-01-04 Essex County Relays
2013-12-30 Holiday Relay Carnival
2013-12-28 Super Essex Conference Championships
2013-12-20 13th Annual Leon Bailey Liberty Relays
2013-02-16 Jersey City Development Meet
2013-02-11 Jersey City HS Development Meet
2013-02-10 NJCTC Indoor Championship
2013-02-02 Essex County Championships
2013-01-25 Ed Grant Last Chance Meet
2013-01-22 Jersey City Indoor Championships
2013-01-20 Union County Championships
2013-01-17 Bill Reid Memorial
2013-01-08 HCIAL (Hudson Co.) Relays
2013-01-06 Essex County Relays
2013-01-05 Union County Relays
2012-12-29 Super Essex Conference Championships
2012-12-28 Holiday Relay Carnival
2012-12-16 Jersey City Div Of Recreation Youth Development Meet 1
2012-12-14 Leon Bailey Liberty Relays
2012-12-14 12th Annual Leon Bailey Liberty Relays
2012-02-12 NJCTC Championships
2012-02-05 RDA Indoor T&F Youth Developmental Series
2012-01-29 Union County Championships
2012-01-26 Ed Grant Last Chance Meet
2012-01-24 Jersey City Indoor Championships
2012-01-19 Bill Reid Memorial