Meet Information

2ND Annual Coach Jimmy Small Novice Relays
Phil Rizzuto Field
Hillside, New Jersey
Coaches this is an opportunity for you to give your up and coming athletes a chance to compete in a relaxed non-stressful meet.
There will be 2 dates
Meet A: April 12, 2018 at 4:30 pm Meet B: April 19, 2018 at 4:30 pm
Events for Meet A Events for Meet B
Shot Put Discus
Long Jump Triple Jump
400 meter run 800 meter run
4 x 100 Throwers 4 x100
Mixed Gender 4 x 100 DMR
1600 meter run 200 meter dash
SMR 4 x 200
4 x 400 4 x 400
Individual races $6.00
Relays $10.00 each team
You may enter as many teams in a relay event but you must designate the scoring team
If you want to enter your entire team the cost is
$80.00 per boys or girls teams
$140.00 for both teams.
Awards: First through Sixth in each event. Highest scoring Boys and Girls teams will be awarded a trophy.
Make your payments by March 27, 2018
Please make the payment to Hillside High School Track and Field Team
You may fax your entry to 908-352-8849
Any question call Jimmy Small at 973-580-4798 or Halim McNeil 908-352-7664 ext. 8440

Order of Events
Boys will go first followed by the Girls.

Meet A. April 12, 2018 Meet B. April 19, 2018
400 meter run 800 meter run
4 x 100 relay Throwers
4 x 100
Mixed Gender
4 x 100 4 x 200
1600 meter run DMR
SMR 200 meter Dash
4 x 400 4 x 400

Long Jump 3 jumps no finals (Meet A)
Triple Jump 3 jumps no finals (Meet B)
Shot Put 3 throws no finals (Meet A)
Discus 3 throws no finals (Meet B)
4/12/18 Meet A
Event Boys Girls
Shot Put
Long Jump
Mixed Gender 4 x 100
400 meter run
1600 meter run
4 x 100
4 x 400
Total Entries
Total COST

4/19/18 Meet B
Event Boys Girls
Triple Jump
Throwers 4 x 100
200 meter dash
800 meter run
4 x200
4 x 400
Total Entries
Total Costs

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