Coach Jimmy Small Novice Relays Meet B

Hillside, NJ
Hosted by Hillside HS

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

2ND Annual Coach Jimmy Small Novice Relays
Phil Rizzuto Field
Hillside, New Jersey
Coaches this is an opportunity for you to give your up and coming athletes a chance to compete in a relaxed non-stressful meet.
There will be 2 dates
Meet A: April 12, 2018 at 4:30 pm Meet B: April 19, 2018 at 4:30 pm
Events for Meet A Events for Meet B
Shot Put Discus
Long Jump Triple Jump
400 meter run 800 meter run
4 x 100 Throwers 4 x100
Mixed Gender 4 x 100 DMR
1600 meter run 200 meter dash
SMR 4 x 200
4 x 400 4 x 400
Individual races $6.00
Relays $10.00 each team
You may enter as many teams in a relay event but you must designate the scoring team
If you want to enter your entire team the cost is
$80.00 per boys or girls teams
$140.00 for both teams.
Awards: First through Sixth in each event. Highest scoring Boys and Girls teams will be awarded a trophy.
Make your payments by March 27, 2018
Please make the payment to Hillside High School Track and Field Team
You may fax your entry to 908-352-8849
Any question call Jimmy Small at 973-580-4798 or Halim McNeil 908-352-7664 ext. 8440

Order of Events
Boys will go first followed by the Girls.

Meet A. April 12, 2018 Meet B. April 19, 2018
400 meter run 800 meter run
4 x 100 relay Throwers
4 x 100
Mixed Gender
4 x 100 4 x 200
1600 meter run DMR
SMR 200 meter Dash
4 x 400 4 x 400

Long Jump 3 jumps no finals (Meet A)
Triple Jump 3 jumps no finals (Meet B)
Shot Put 3 throws no finals (Meet A)
Discus 3 throws no finals (Meet B)
4/12/18 Meet A
Event Boys Girls
Shot Put
Long Jump
Mixed Gender 4 x 100
400 meter run
1600 meter run
4 x 100
4 x 400
Total Entries
Total COST

4/19/18 Meet B
Event Boys Girls
Triple Jump
Throwers 4 x 100
200 meter dash
800 meter run
4 x200
4 x 400
Total Entries
Total Costs

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