MOC Prediction Contest - The Results are In


Prediction Contest


Final Results

Talk about a nail biter! With 48 entries into the MOC Prediction Contest, it took the tie breaker to sort everyone out. The 5 prize winners and Honorable Mentions are listed below. Please email me at to claim your prizes. Thanks to all who took part in the contest and have supported NJRunners all year.


Name Final Score Tie Break Var.
chelx 1st Place 30% 5.6 sec
runnerrrrrrrrrrr 2nd 30% 6.0 sec
ChrisM1594 3rd 30% 6.2 sec
seaverfan 4th 30% 7.0 sec
unclecatfish 5th 26.67% 11.2 sec
Honorable Mention Score    
robbuzby 26.67%    
surfergirl_em 26.67%    
delucia4 26.67%    
woodcross10 26.67%    

**** These are corrected Results. Sorry for the error