Elite Women 1 Mile Finals - Three Under 4:40

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In the women's elite mile, Megan Mansy, who starred at Midlothian High in Virginia and NC State and now runs for Hoka One One, blasted away from the field after pacesetter Meghan Manley stepped off the track and hammered her way to victory in 4:34.05.

Kenyetta Iyevbele and Emily Richards, also of Hoka One One, finished second and third with PRs of 4:36.04 and 4:37.82. You can watch the full women's race right here. The field went through 400m at 66, the 800m around 2:14, by the 1200m mark Mansy had already secured a dominant lead at 3:23. 

While 2019 marked the second running of the summer meet, this was the inaugural Elite Women's race and what an opener it was!  

Elite Women's Mile Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  H#
  1 Mansy, Megan               W Hoka One One           4:34.05   7 
  2 Iyevbele, Kenyetta         W Hoka One One           4:36.04   7 
  3 Richards, Emily            W Hoka One One           4:37.82   7 
  4 Morrissey, Jamie           W Hoka One One           4:40.36   7 
  5 Wilson, Heather            W Hoka One One           4:46.50   7 
  6 Garry, Kira                W Hoka One One           4:51.48   7 
  7 Rustami, Henna             W Brookyln Tra           4:52.41   7 
  8 Kunc, Katy                 W Hoka One One           4:52.62   7 
 10 Andrews, Kristin           W Shore AC               4:53.58   7 
 -- Manley, Meghan             W Hoka One One               DNF   7