Garden State Showcase #2 2023

Edison, NJ

Meet Information

In mid-October, there's just no better time to throw down a fast FAT race.  Music, medals, announcing, personalized bibs- and college coaches love seeing FAT track times.

10:00am Start- Order of events:

500m Dash

Youth Mile

Heat 1:  5k/3k (6:40-7:20 pace)

Heat 2: 5k/3k (6:00-6:30 pace)

Heat 3: 5k/3k (5:30-5:50 pace)

Heat 4: 5k/3k (5:00-5:20 pace)

Heat 5: 5k/3k (4:30-4:55 pace)

300m Dash

Register using link below.  Team and group discounts are available; email for more information.