High Intensity Track Jump Series 2 2021 2022

Fairfield, NJ

Meet Information

Time: 12:30 PM - Long Jump start, followed by Triple Jump, followed by High Jump.

Age: Youth/High School

Meet Contact: David Lado, highintensitytrack@gmail.com

Spike Policy: The only acceptable spikes allowed on the track surface are 1/4 inch pyramid spikes or 1/4 inch Christmas trees. No pin and needle spikes allowed.

Online Registration: All registered athletes must pay the $25 entry fee online in order to compete!

Facility Protocol: You may only enter the building at the designated time of your Flight / Event Warm-up. If you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask. We ask that if you have any sickness symptoms, to please not attend and compete within the meet.

There will be a maximum of 40 people allowed within the facility at all times. (Athletes and Officials are not included within this number)

Event Information: Athletes may enter the building at their respective warm up time based on their flight. Athletes will have 20-30 minutes to warm up inside the building. Athletes will have 5-10 minutes of pre-competition run throughs.

Long Jump Information

Non seeded Long Jump flights will be allowed 4 jumps with NO FINALS

Seeded Long Jump flights will go through a 3 jump trial, followed by a 3 jump final.

High Jump Information

All High Jumpers, male and female, will compete together. We will begin the height at the lowest starting height and work our way up. If the event goes past 40 min before an athlete jumps, a 5 min warm-up for run-through will be allowed

Long Jump / Triple Jump / High Jump

Schedule will be posted Friday morning before the meet

Event specific meets for long jump, triple jump, and high jump on designated days

2x110 foot runways for Long Jump & Triple Jump Full set of mats for High Jump, right and left foot jumpers.