Meet Information


78th Boys & 42nd Girls Annual
Monday April 27th @ 4:15 PM
Tuesday April 28th @ 4:15 PM

COST: $9 per athlete per event. $18 per relay.

Meet cannot operate at a loss. Please enter to max extent possible or the meet will
be forced to be canceled.

AWARDS: Medals to top 3 in each event, each division. Plaque to winning Varsity & Freshmen

teams. No Team award in JV division.

UNIFORMS: Athletes must wear school-issued uniforms. All rules regarding jewelry and

undergarments will be enforced.

SPIKES: 1/4 inch pyramid spikes are the only spikes allowed.
ENTRY Three (3) individuals and One (1) relay in Varsity and Freshmen Divisions.
Viper Timing / Maurice Bell will provide F.A.T. on day #2 of this competition. All
schools must enter on-line at NJ MileSplit for day 2 events. Please be sure to include
seed times. Sheet Heats will be provided for scratches on day 2 for coaches to make
final declarations.

LIMITS: Athletes may NOT move between Freshmen & Varsity. Four (4) event maximum

applies to all athletes.
DEADLINE: Friday April 17th, 2020