All County team Selection WT: Morris County

Madison, NJ
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Morris County Track Coaches Association

All-County Team Selection Criteria

Winter Track

All County Team1-Individual winners at the County Champs will be an automatic selection.

2-Athletes that meet or exceed the "A" Standard will be an automatic selection.

3-Individual winners at the Meet of Champions will be an automatic selection

All County Eligibility

To be eligible for the All County Team, athletes must be members

of a School Board APPROVED Team with a School Board APPROVED

. These Teams must compete in a minimum of 3 Drew Series Meets.

4 x 400m Selection

Qualifications: win 3 of4 of the following criteria.

1-Win the County Relays 4 x 400m.

2-Win the County Champs 4 x 400m.

3-Fastest 4 x 400m time at the State Series.

4-Fastest overall 4 x 400m time of the Season.

No one takes 3 of 4, a vote will be taken.

All County Nominees

Openings are created when there are double or

triple winners at the County Champs.

Additional nominees must meet the following criteria:

1-The athlete must
better the winning performance of the

County Champion at the County meet.

2-Match or better the Performance "B" Standard listed at the

bottom of the page

3-Place finishers (1-6) at the Meet of Champions

in the 400 meter or 800 meter events.

Performance Verification
When making nominations to Len Pietrewicz please use the Winter Track link below.
Enter the Dummy Meet on 3/1/20
4 x 400m-Click Here
This Form becomes the Ballot, supply all requested information.
Nomination not accepted without completed Ballot.

Voting Procedures
Nominees for the All-County team must be made on
Enter the "dummy meet" & make your selection as an entry into the meet.
MILESPLIT will verify your nomination according to the standard.
All Nominations must be made prior to the All County Meeting
Deadline for submitting nominations will be the day before the
meeting @ 12:00pm.
A list of all nominations will be sent to all coaches via email the
night before the meeting.
The 4 x 400m Relay will always be selected first.

Updated for WT 2020

All Standards FAT"B" BOYS"A" BOYS All Standards FAT"B"GIRLS"A" GIRLS
55 Meters6.74 6.68 55 Meters7.537.45
300 Meters36.4836.31 300 Meters42.58 41.77

400 Meters   


400 Meters   


600 Meters 1:24.511:24.18 600 Meters 1:39.171:38.30
800 Meters-----------1:57.09+ 800 Meters-------2:18.04+
1000 Meters  2:37.222:36.33 1000 Meters  3:06.113:03.56
1600 Meters4:25.624:22.12 1600 Meters5:09.655:06.82
3200 Meters 9:42.249:32.50 3200 Meters 11:17.0511:07.31
55 Meters Hurdles  7.857.80 55 Meters Hurdles  8.708.58
Shot Put 53-2.2554-9.75 Shot Put 38-5.2540-5
High Jump6-26-6 High Jump5-25-4
Pole Vault13-614-0 Pole Vault9-610-6
4 x 400m3:28.374 x 400m4:08.89
"A" Standard 8th best mark at the County Championships All Time
"B" Standard 16th best mark at the County Championships All Time
+400m & 800m "A" Standard is the 11th All Time mark in Morris County