Meet Information

Meet Entry and Info Click for a written copy of the meet entry regs.

There will be no cards for RUNNING EVENTS. Same as last year you will highlight entries

on performance lists.

Coaches can enter up to 8 athletes per running relay, and five athletes per field event relay.

Coaches will be able to fill-in seed times here on Milesplit for this meet. Coaches need to be fair and honest in their seeds for this to work.The relays will be seeded according to the times submitted by January 5th.

There will be no changes made to seeds at the meet. The meet file will be out of the hands of John Schwarz and Mike Mielko on January 6th, and in the hands of the people at Ocean Breeze. The people at Ocean Breeze are not going to make any changes to the file after that.

Order of Events

Running Events

Boys followed by Girls 4:00 PM

1.Shuttle Hurdles (on the infield at the same time as the lap races begin)

1. Distance Medley (1200 400 800 1600) ON the oval at the same time as the Shuttle Hurdles)

2. Sprint Medley (200 200 400 800)

3. 800 Meter Relay

4. 3200 Meter Relay

5. Freshmen 3200 Meter Relay

6. 1600 Meter Relay

**Starting blocks are NOT permitted . Only pyramid spikes 1/4 inch or less will be allowed. No needle spikes....No Christmas tree type spikes of any size permitted. All athletes must have their spike checked at the Spike Check area at Ocean Breeze before them compete.  

Field Events

4:00 PM

Girls Shot Put followed by Boys

Boys High Jump followed by Girls -To begin at the conclusion of the Shuttle Hurdle relays. On the infield.


Please Note! In case of inclement weather check the online Essex County Track Coaches Association Website for announcement of postponement or delayed start time.

Meet Procedures:

Running Events: Coaches must scratch down to the four athletes competing at the meet. Performance sheets will be available at the meet and those not competing must be scratched before the events are called for by the clerks for final seeding.This is the same procedure that was used last winter and last spring.

Field events: Coaches will receive, according to their entry, up to 5 labels per field events in their packets. Coaches will need to affix two labels per event on the cards provided for those actually competing in the event. This must be done before the athletes report to their respective field event venues. Again, this is the same procedure that was used last winter and last spring.

Finally, coaches will not be able to make changes to their roster, to their eight relay running event names, or to their five field event relay names after January 5th. This means that no name changes, or additions will be made at the meet on January 12th, as well!