Larry Ellis Invitational 2016

Princeton, NJ


Andrew Hunter #3 HS outdoor 1500m performer all-time at Larry El Apr 23, 2016

Andrew Hunter talks after running the 8th fastest high school 1500m time of 3:42.42 at the 2016 Larry Ellis Invitational. He now ranks as the 3rd fastest outdoor high school performer all-time behind Alan Webb and Jim Ryun (he had already ranked #3 overall from his indoor mile times, but had never ran a 1500 that had ranked him in the top 10 all-time outdoors). Hunter talks about what he says was the most physical race he's ever run and refers to his 3:42 as average, showing that he is ready to run some big times this season. Hunter will have two high school competitions next on his schedule and then will go after two fast 1500m times. One of those attempts will be at the Pre Classic, the same meet that Webb broke the high school mile record. The high school 1500m record is also held by Webb at 3:38.26. Hunter also references the goal of running at the Olympic Trials, which means Hunter will have to break the high school record to hit the qualifying mark of 3:38.00. Only two US juniors have ever broken 3:38 in the 1500m, Ryun (3:36.1 in 1965) and Tom Byers (3:37.5 and 3:37.9 in 1974). Andrew Hunter's splits: 300m - 45.049 (45.049) 700m - 1:44.553 (59.504) 1100m - 2:43.601 (59.048) 1500m - 3:42.420 (58.820)