Does Twilight Bring the Magic? Early April 4x800s Since 2012

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Kick of the week from last year when Elliot Gindi split a 1:53 to bring his team back to win the 4x800 with a meet record of 7:57.35. 

We took a look at the top 10 New Jersey 4x800m times run during early April the past six seasons, in other words pre-Penn, and recorded how many came from twilight meets. This pretty much looks over the Holmdel Twilight Series performances that shot up the rankings during that time.  

Twilight 4x800m Top 10 Times Early April 2012-2017

*The Holmdel Twilight series, which accounts for all of these Twilight numbers wasn't run during April in 2015 so we left it off the table. 

# of Twilight Times2020.00%82343
Boys Twilight1530.00%52233
Girls Twilight510.00%30110
Total Possible1002020202020

Just one meet, Holmdel Twilight, accounted for 20% of the top ten performances during these five seasons. For the boys that number increases to 30%. With so many relay meets going on in the first few weeks of outdoor there seems to be something special about running under the twilight. It could also be the music... or the added pressure of qualifying... or the Colosseum feel of of Bob Roggy Memorial Stadium at Holmdel HS... or even that the opening week rust is gone... a number of things. In any case keep those times coming!  We'll be at Holmdel Twilight's opening meet April 12th to take photos and record races. 

Boys Yearly Top 10

Girls Yearly Top 10

Holmdel Twilight Top 25 All-Time