10 Questions With...Edward Cheserek

He is the biggest thing to come along in New Jersey high school distance running circles since um, well the Rosa Bros, who were the biggest thing to come along since, well you get the gist. New Jersey has a long history of great XC talent and Edward Cheserek of St. Benedict's Prep will attempt to carry that tradition through another year in 2011.


Edward and coach Marty Hannon were good enough to take a stab at NJRunners' 10 Questions.


10  Questions With…Edward Cheserek


NJR: Tell us about your experience at the Nike Elite Camp.

EC: I had fun meeting people, competing in the 5K and training. There were nice people to meet. It was great to meet coaches like Alberto Salazar and Jerry Schumacher. 


NJR: Other than the Nike Camp, what has your summer training been like?

EC: It has been somewhat crazy. After Nationals, Coach told me to take a few weeks off. Then we had a XC school training camp. Then my Father passed away and I went to Kenya to be with my family. Then coming right back, I got up at 4AM, got on a plane to Oregon, and ran the 5k the same day.
Then coming back to Newark we are now in school. St. Benedict's starts the school year in late July.



NJR: What will be your highest mileage week and how many miles will you run?

EC: 50 to 60 miles per week. Last year I ran about 40-50 miles per week and we will only gradually increase the mileage.


NJR: What has been your biggest adjustment in living in New Jersey?

EC: I live at school and that is very different from living at home with my family. I miss my family, but I am getting to know other people and am making some new friends


NJR: What is your favorite class in school?

EC: Religion---right now I am taking a course on "The Rule of St. Benedict's", astronomy, and psychology. But I like Religion best.



NJR: What do you like to do when you relax?

EC: I like watching sports on TV----especially, if there is a great Kenyan runner, like Bernard Lagat and/or David Rudisha.


NJR: Do you have a special pre race routine?

EC: I like to think about the race and plan on how I am going to run it.


NJR: Your thoughts on racing at Holmdel Park this coming season?

EC: Yes, I am excited to run at Holmdel for the first time. My good friend Joe Rosa holds the course record, and I am excited to see how I can do compared to what Joe has run on that course. This summer I have done some workouts with both Joe and Jim at Holmdel---they are great guys.


NJR: What are your personal and team goals for this year?

EC: Be a national champion ---improve my times and get better. Helping my teammates to win some championships also.


NJR:  What do you feel was your greatest accomplishment in your first year at St. Benedict’s?

EC: Greatest accomplishments = winning the national championship 5k and especially, the DMR with my teammates, since we were not expected to win, but all of us ran a great race for a TEAM VICTORY!



Edward, thank you and best of sucess this season








Cover Photo by Matt Shatkus