Submit Your 2022 Salute To Seniors

Salute To Seniors is a medium for "senior farewells". We invite this year's seniors to tell their stories from the past four years.

The series will run from now into the summer, please note that there is usually a large queue of submissions so there may be a wait until final posting.

Please Submit Early, Window Will Close July 15th

There are a few options when submitting a senior farewell..

  • You can answer the questions below in Q&A format... or...
  • You can create your own farewell to high school XCTF such as a letter to the sport or even utilizing the questions in a longer written format.

Email your responses titled Salute to Senior: (name) along with some pictures to

Photographer names and permissible use required, we cannot use non-MileSplit photos without permission from photographer.

If you have photos on MileSplit you can link them in the email. Please let us know which pictures belong to which photographer. This all helps with managing the great volume of submissions each year.

Salute To Seniors Questions

If you are utilizing the questions below and there are one or two you don't want to answer then don't sweat it! Just answer what you'd like. We are also open to more unique subjects if there is something else you're interested in covering.

Please remember to keep answers appropriate for publishing and watching spelling and grammar.


High School:

    What was your most memorable race/throw/jump/vault/moment? Why is that?

    Who would you consider your biggest competition over your four years and why?

    What was your personal greatest accomplishment?

    If you are writing a letter to your younger freshman self, what are some items that might include?

    What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?

    What will you miss the most?

    What advice would you give to younger upcoming athletes?

    What influence has your coach had with respect to your performance and overall life goals?

    Name the top New Jersey XCTF moment(s) you have witnessed. Can be by level of greatness or just something that really stood out to you.  

    What are your post-high school or college plans?

    Any future goals you'd like to share in or outside the world of competition?

    Who would you like to say 'thank you' to?