Seeking Contributors For 2021 Outdoor Season

NJ MileSplit is seeking contributor help with race videos and meet coverage this New Jersey 2021 outdoor season.

If interested in being paid to cover meets please reach out to Robert Kellert at with an email titled Contributor Help and listing any relative experience or equipment you may have.

Note this is not a full-time position, we pay contributors as freelancers per meet.

The main focus we're looking for right now is video content such as race videos and post-event interviews. Having your own camera capable of recording a full meet is not required to apply but highly recommended.

We're Looking For...

  • Race videos specialists - would travel to meets around the state, or in their area, with a camera and stand to record each heat. If able then gather a handful of post-meet interviews where the athletes talk about their performance as well. Once the meet is over you would then name and upload the files to the appropriate meet page. 
  • Field event specialist - Someone with knowledge of the field to travel to key matchups this season and record the full field event at that meet flight by flight as well as secure interviews with the top athletes. Once the meet is complete you'd then upload the files to the appropriate meet page.
  • Meet Hosts with someone interested in recording - Meet's who know someone interested in recording at their meet for us feel free to reach out as well. We'd be happy with work with you to make sure we have the coverage up and promoting your meet on our site.
  • At this moment we have a strong photography crew but photographers can feel free to reach out as well in case we need additional photographers in the future. We're really looking for help on the race video side at the moment.

If a well rounded contributor joins our team and consistently performs well with interest in expanding their coverage duties we may look at adding a stipend role to the site to involve more coverage, writing, live streaming and so on.

For those with little experience, as long as you are interested in the sport and providing coverage we're always up for helping people gain experience. Many of our past successful contributors have joined us in this fashion.