How To Submit NJ Dual Results To MileSplit

With the importance of dual meets this season we announced a project to post more of them up on the site. In case you missed that announcement or want a reminder on how to submit here are the instructions. A big thank you to all the coaches sending in their results the response so far has been amazing. 

Results Sheet Template

Submit to

In the linked Google Sheet above either download or make a copy and fill out your dual/tri/quad meet's results. Communicate which team will send in the results.

Submit Dual Schedule

  • In a clear concise email please send your dual meet schedule so we can have meet pages made ahead of time. This helps with speed and workflow on busy result nights.
  • Check our calendar if some of your meets have already been submitted by others.
  • Include: Date, course / location, teams involved.

Submit Result Instructions

  • Make copies of this formatted sheet to fill in results and submit to state editor.
  • Full names for athletes and teams please, and both teams performances must be listed.
  • Column headers are in specific locations for individuals stat entry.
  • Team score setup can be adjusted as needed, example if only certain teams are head to head.
  • If you know RaceTab well you can also use that program to create results.
  • Email link to your google sheet or attach excel sheet to
  • Outside of meets with hired timers only meet directors, coaches, or school officials can submit these results for accountability and accuracy, no parents or athletes submitting dual results please.

Note if you are outside New Jersey please send your results to your own MileSplit State Editor or to