Watch: North Hunterdon vs Ridgewood Dual

Watch the 2 mile race above, the race was won by Olivia Shattuck 11:25.

Full Results

On Tuesday the top two ranked teams in New Jersey ran a head to head two mile on the North Hunterdon track, and this won't be the last time Ridgewood and North Hunterdon compete this season.  

Ridgewood's star junior Olivia Shattuck led a 1-2-3 finish with an 11:25, teammates Sarah Policano and AnnaMarie Tretola close behind at 11:26 and 11:27. Lily Williams, 11:35, and Caroline Deiss, 11:57, closed up Ridgewood's top five in fifth and eighth.

For North Hunterdon senior Alexandra Carlson led the team in fourth clocking 11:34 and Addison Schmidt sixth in 11:39. Magdalyn Hoffman powered through to seventh with 11:45, the senior ran up front early and unfortunately lost a shoe midway through the race. Paige Boyce and Alyssa Panella also in North Hunterdon's top five. 

When scored as a cross country meet Ridgewood takes the team win scoring 19 points to North Hunterdon's 39. This was North's season opener in terms of competition, Ridgewood's starting crew ran a Big North Batch meet on October 2nd. 

XC Team Scores

1.) Ridgewood HS 19pts 1+2+3+5+8 (9+11) 0:32 Split | 11:34 Avg
2.) North Hunterdon HS 39pts 4+6+7+10+12 (13+14) 1:26 Split | 12:04 Avg

Individual Results
1Olivia Shattuck11Ridgewood HS11:25.00
2Sarah Policano12Ridgewood HS11:26.00
3AnnaMarie Tretola11Ridgewood HS11:27.00
4Alexandra Carlson12North Hunterdon HS11:34.00
5Lily Williams11Ridgewood HS11:35.00
6Addison Schmidt11North Hunterdon HS11:39.00
7Magdalyn Hoffman12North Hunterdon HS11:45.00
8Caroline Deiss11Ridgewood HS11:57.00
9Claire Hamlet12Ridgewood HS12:10.00
10Paige Boyce10North Hunterdon HS12:23.00
11Lucia Rabolli11Ridgewood HS12:44.00
12Eva Jacqueline10Ridgewood HS12:55.00
13Alyssa Panella12North Hunterdon HS13:00.00
14Cassidy RoopNorth Hunterdon HS13:06.00
15Sara FrederickNorth Hunterdon HS13:10.00
16Caroline Bavaro11North Hunterdon HS13:30.00
17Peyton LewisNorth Hunterdon HS13:43.00
18Mackenzie Pearson12North Hunterdon HS14:07.00
19Rebecca Miceli12North Hunterdon HS14:25.00
20Allison MasinoNorth Hunterdon HS15:08.00