A Lost Season: Letter From The Editor

The New Jersey 2020 spring track and field season has been canceled

A Lost Season - Letter From The Editor

Whether this awful news was expected or not, it doesn't change the sting of losing an entire season.

I feel for the seniors who have had their high school finale pulled out from underneath them, for the underclassmen who will lose invaluable developmental time, and for the coaches and caretakers of the sport who put all their hours and heart into these seasons year in and year out. 

This competition year had already given us so many great moments during the fall and winter. The spring season was set to be can't miss track and field with exciting rematches, streaks on the line, and possible records going down. 

To the class of 2020, it has been an honor recording your journey to this point and I am so proud of and excited for this group as you venture into the next phase of your lives. The work ethic, strength, intelligence, and creativity that I have seen in this class gives me no doubt that you have the ability to succeed moving forward. 

Know that while this season may be lost, your time and effort leading up to this point is most certainly not. The opportunity to showcase your athletic prowess and growth may have been robbed from us, but the sport has already gifted lessons and memories that stay with you the rest of your lives and I'm not just referring to the perfect hurdle form or nailing that shot put rotation. 

I'm talking about the value of having a team to take ownership with and to help you thrive, accepting and applying coaching from those more experienced, managing your time and having the determination to make sacrifices - like all those weekends - to better yourself. Simply showing up every day to practice is an important lifelong skill that will take you far in future endeavors. 

While there is always a bigger picture, the loss of this season, including the rewards and memories that come along with it, is not insignificant. Losing anything you devote this much time and passion to will never be insignificant - this is a lifestyle choice. But know that there will be more opportunities to come, both on and off the track. Stay hungry and keep your heads high, don't let this loss hold you back, acknowledge the sting while it is here but don't let it linger. Remember the great times, lessons, and memories the past four years have brought you and that you have plenty more to come. 

All the love to New Jersey track and field, some of the very best out there.

- Robert Kellert

State Editor - New Jersey MileSplit