Travis Mahoney's Eight Weeks Of Training Ahead Of 7:41

At the end of February New Jersey's ownTravis Mahoney, who runs professionally for the Hoka NJ*NY TC and coaches at Old Bridge HS, posted a big time 3000m performance of 7:41.94 for fifth at theBoston University Last Chance Invitational. Mahoney was kind enough to write up the eight weeks of workouts leading up to his big race.

While this is a really interesting read, do remember that Travis is a professional and he's built up to this training level. For our high school viewers CBA Coach Sean McCafferty brought up a good point on twitter to learn what you can from this but do not carbon copy it.

Travis Mahoney is also the Meet Director for the annual summertime Monmouth Mile #subfourattheshore meet. NJ MileSplit been there to cover the action the past few years, check out the sub-4 mile from the 2019 meet here.

Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4 - Week 5 - Week 6 - Week 7 - Week 8

By Travis Mahoney

Week of Jan 20th (71 miles)

Monday- Easy 9 6:40 avg
60 min plus lift, was struggling on the lift today in the afternoon

Tuesday-11 miles- strength workout 8am Armory
3x(1k,800) 90 sec throughout (252-250-247, 217-216-214)
4x200 27.8-27.4-27.0 with 2 min
Easy work, legs felt the lift last night but aerobically I was chilling

Wednesday- 9 miles 6:40 avg
Easy 60, had to slow myself down a bit. 9 miles plus 35 on the bike, kept HR lower on the bike tonight but good sweat going. Sore from Monday's lift.

Thursday-10 miles Pre meet workout OB track solo
Planned on doing 1-1.5 mile tempo, maybe a 400 or 2 than 3-4x200.
I felt awful, I think because of the turnaround of only 1 day rest. I've become accustomed to 2. Normal pre meet feels. I cut it short and did 1 mile in 457, plus 3x200 in 28 point with 200 jog. 4 miles up, 3 miles down

Friday- 6 easy 7 avg
6 easy plus 2x100. Still a little sore

Saturday- 10 miles 3K race- 7:50
2nd fastest time indoors. Did not feel smooth and tight mechanically at all, aerobically strong enough to handle it but didn't focus on my mechanics at all or on staying smooth. Got out well but should have moved up earlier than 2k. Made the move to chase but couldn't hold. Felt very ugly for a 750 but I guess that's a solid sign for a day in the future that feels good.
3 up plus 2x30 seconds with 30 seconds rest outside
Bunch of 60m strides downstairs
1x150 on the track (wasn't warmed up enough)

Sunday- 16 miles at 6:22
16 miles at the towpath with Jeremy (for 14) felt ok, not too bad for a post-race LR. Lower legs sore and spot that bothered me a bit in the fall/early winter was present a bit. Overall good day