Looking for Track and Field Video Contributors

We want to provide even more coverage but will need help doing so. NJ MileSplit is looking to add some freelance contributors to help record race video at meets around the state this indoor and outdoor season. Photographer wise we are pretty set at this time but would be interested in some help in the North Jersey area.

If interested please contact rkellert@milesplit.com for more information. 

Meet Directors, if you know someone who would cover your meet for us then reach out. 


  • We would schedule out meets for coverage and you would be paid meet by meet. 
  • This would involve recording all or most of the races that day and uploading the videos to the website. 
  • If you have your own camera (and stand) capable of recording a full meet then that is a bonus as you'll be able to attend more meets without requiring my presence. If we are attending the same meet I can provide the camera. 
  • While this is race video focused we are also interested in picking up a field focused video contributor to test out the popularity of recording those events at meets with solid entries. There are a few popular shot put series out there for example. 
  • If you are only interested in recording one portion of the state or a specific county or conference for the season that could work for us just let us know. 
  • If you are located close to a hot spot location such as the Toms River Bubble for indoor, which hosts plenty of meets, we could have you at a great number of events.