Princeton Qualifier: Schedule, Results, Videos

Rob Napolitano (#1713) will be competing in the Men's 1500m, he is third in ETL points standings. Ben Malone (#1706) will also be toeing the line in the 1500m.


On Sunday, June 30th, at Princeton University the Princeton Qualifier will take place featuring a deep field of mid-distance athletes. NJ MileSplit will be at the meet recording every race, videos will be available for on-demand viewing after the meet concludes. 

The competition is also part of the Eastern Track League schedule, a series where the overall points winners will receive $2,500 after its conclusion in Washington, D.C. on July 13th. If you take a look at the entries below you'll find some great New Jersey talent, those that shined in high school / college, and are still killing it on the track today professionally.   


Live Results courtesy of Leone Timing


  • 8:00pm - Women's 800m 
  • 8:15pm - Men's 800m
  • 8:30pm - Women's 3000m Steeplechase
  • 8:45pm - Men's 3000m Steeplechase 
  • 9:00pm - Women's 1500m
  • 9:15pm - Men's 1500m 

Entry Information

Eastern Track League Series Standings

Entering the meet, courtesy of Eastern Track League.


  1. Quamel Prince (District TC/Under Armour) 2301 pts
  2. Edose Ibadan (District TC/Under Armour/NGR) 2256
  3. Rob Napolitano (HOKA NJNYTC) 2238
  4. James Randon (Saucony Freedom TC) 2231
  5. Andres Arroyo (Puerto Rico) 2222
  6. Sam Ellison (B.A.A) 2209
  7. Jesse Garn (HOKA NJNYTC) 2186
  8. Chris Giesting (HOKA NJNYTC) 2181
  9. Jacob Dumford (District TC/Under Armour) 2178
  10. Edward Kemboi (Atlanta TC/KEN) 2176


  1. Elinor Purrier (New Balance) 2284 pts
  2. Helen Schlachtenhaufen (Saucony Freedom TC) 2276
  3. Cory McGee (New Balance) 2254
  4. Katrina Coogan (New Balance) 2253
  5. Agnes Abu (GHANA) 2252 pts
  6. Lauren Johnson (B.A.A) 2231
  7. Lauren Paquette (Unattached) 2223
  8. Jenna Westaway (Speed River TFC/CAN) 2216
  9. Lianne Farber (New Balance) 2209
  10. Heather MacLean (New Balance/CAN) 2203