NJSIAA Regulations & Registration, Exchange Zones Reminder

An updated regulation packet, a reminder from the NJSIAA about the NFHS ruling on exchange zones, as well as all the registration pages for the NJSIAA State meets.

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NJSIAA Regulations Spring 2019

The link above will take you to the updated NJSIAA Spring Regulations.

Reminder from NFHS on Exchange Zones

"Greetings to each of you. It has recently come to my attention that a video from a coach's association was circulating the web that stated the NFHS had change their exchange zone rule for the 2019 season. This is incorrect. There was no change made to the exchange zones. The NFHS still has a 20-meter exchange zone with a 10-meter acceleration zone in races where the incoming competitor is running legs of 200 meters or less in the assigned lane.

The video has since been removed and we are now taking steps to remind everyone of the 2019 exchange zone rule.

ART. 6 . . . Each competitor shall carry the baton by hand throughout the race and shall passit to the succeeding teammate. The first competitor shall start with the baton, and the last competitor shall carry the baton until he/she has finished the race. The baton must be passed while the baton is within a 20-meter (66 feet) exchange zone. A baton that inadvertently leaves a runner's hand must be retrieved immediately without interference to other runners.

ART. 9 . . . An acceleration zone may be used in relay races where the incoming competitor is running legs of 200 meters or less in the assigned lane. When this is permitted, competitor selecting to use this option shall be positioned entirely within the limits of the acceleration and exchange zones. The outgoing competitors for each team may take their positions on the track and commence running not more than 10 meters outside the exchange zone, but the baton shall be passed while it is in the 20-meter exchange zone. A distinctive mark shall be made on the track to denote the beginning of the acceleration zone."

Andrea Mortimer,  Coordinator of Sports,  National Federation of State High School Associations

NJSIAA Meet Pages

If you haven't seen these pages have been open for registration. You can enter these meets as soon as you want, seeds will be updated periodically and multiple times as we close registration. Make sure you are entering the correct meet page. If you see a password block on registration contact bbruno@njsiaa.org, if you have any other questions on registration please contact rkellert@milesplit.com.