Results and Race Videos from Group 1 and 4 Championships

Note, just like for every Sectional, we are recording every race! They will be up on the meet page after the meet has concluded. 

Live Results on Meet Page


Full results are also going up on the meet page thanks to the JBAC "Bubble" Timers!

Team Score Updates

In total 10 events for each Group will be competed. We'll start updating these after at least two events have scored. 

Girls Group 1 (10 Events)Girls Group 4 (10 Events)
1 Collingswood 391 Ridgewood 28
2 Highland Park 242 Eastern Reg 26
3 Willingboro 193 Rigde 25.5

Boys Group 1 (10 Events)Boys Group 4 (10 Events)
1 Willingboro 561 Franklin 33
2 Mountain Lakes 202 Cherokee 24
3 Palmyra 183 South Brunswick 20

Watch Race Videos After the Meet

Videos will be on the meet page linked above after the meet.