Camden Catholic and Haddonfield Repeat at Camden County

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Sophie Steidle and Richard Castaneda won their first individual Camden County championships, Camden Catholic boys and Haddonfield girls both earned their second straight team titles.  

Camden Catholic's win came behind a 1-2 punch of first place Castaneda, 16:51, and second place Matt Coffey, 17:09. Their team's 33 points, 1:12 split, and 17:26 average was finished by Ray Derman in sixth, 17:28, Matthew Denton ninth, 17:38, and Denny Kelly 15th, 18:03. Six of Camden Catholic's seven competitors were on last year's winning team as well. 

Collingswood's Sophie Steidle continued her breakout sophomore campaign adding her seventh win of the season with a 19:57 run, just under thirty seconds ahead of the field.

After Steidle's individual win a major team battle took place between Cherry Hill East and Haddonfield, a battle that would take up 12 of the top 15 places of the race. Starting off each squad was Sarah Pierce of Cherry Hill East second at 20:25 and Allison Colflesh of Haddonfield third 20:33.  

1Haddonfield Memorial HS252+3+5+6+91:29 1-5 Split | 21:07 Avg
2Cherry Hill East HS301+4+7+8+10 (11+13)1:42 1-5 Split | 21:25 Avg

The score was tied at five points through the first two scorers but then Haddonfield's three through five finishers each out ran Cherry Hill East to give them the victory 25 points to 30. 

1Sophie Steidle10Collingswood HS19:57.690
2Sarah Pierce12Cherry Hill East HS20:25.361
3Allison Colflesh10Haddonfield Memorial HS20:33.192
4Lilly Sirover11Haddonfield Memorial HS20:33.753
5MaryKathleen McCurdy10Cherry Hill East HS20:51.514
6Lindsay Colflesh10Haddonfield Memorial HS21:05.065
7Payton Weiner10Haddonfield Memorial HS21:20.206
8Nia Holden12Highland Reg HS21:37.050
9Dani Lazarus12Cherry Hill East HS21:45.557
10Aliza Kotzen11Cherry Hill East HS21:55.058
11Georgia Nussey10Haddonfield Memorial HS22:02.989
12Tabitha DiDonato10Cherry Hill East HS22:08.3010