Dual Meets or Batch Meets? We Discuss During On the Mark

We recently held a poll asking if people proffered dual meets or batch meets. Dual meats being those smaller head to head wins and losses match-ups between teams over the course of a season, batches combining those duals into one larger event either to score overall for the divisional win or still score head to head just running together. 

We've seen an overall move toward batch meets as of late, but that doesn't mean there aren't pluses and minuses on either side. Jim Lambert and I discuss the topic on the latest episode of NJ MileSplit's On the Mark. 

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A big thank you to everyone for voting and for placing their opinions on the topic. If you have good topics to poll in the future we would like to continue this feature of the show, can contact us on social media or at rkellert@milesplit.com.