NJSIAA 2018 Spring Track and Field Committee Minutes

Here are the minutes from the 2918 Spring Track and Field Committee Meeting. This is an official release from the NJSIAA. 

2018 Spring Track & Field Committee Meeting Minutes and Results


NJSIAA Office @ Robbinsville, NJ

1.  Major points of Interest:

A )  Sectionals:

1) Start Times---Discussion to move start time to 9:00am on Sat.

       3:30 Start Time on Friday will remain!!   APPROVED!!!

2) Lively discussion about the 3200 Meter Race and the time of the day with heat related

         Issues. The 3200 Meter will be moved.  Coaches have until 8/1/18 to submit their

          Idea. Bruno has 6 already received-most are looking at the 1st Event of Saturday.

3) NON-PUBLIC Sites-Will remain on a Monday/Tuesday Schedule the week of Memorial

           Day. Publics will remain on Friday and Saturday.

4) Entry, Seeding and advancement to GROUPS.

a) We will not use Indoor Times.  One-year pilot idea not well received.

b) Non- FAT times for 800 on up-was rejected.

           c) FAT relay splits for 800 on up-was rejected.

           d) Team scoring will remain as it.

            e) Discussion about moving ALL Sectionals to mid-week, not approved.

            f) Opening Heights-PV/HJ. This office will look to develop a more efficient method

                 to communicate the opening heights in the PV/HJ at least 24 hours prior to the start

                 of the Sectional and Group Meets.

            g) Seeding of heats-it will remain the fastest sections running last.

           h) Non- Public 110/100 hurdles-100 Meter dash. Was discussed and will remain as

                  an option if the numbers do not warrant trials and finals.

            I) 4 x 100 and 4 x 800 will remain in both the Sectional and Group Meets

                 This is an Executive Board decision which would have to go thru committee 1st.

           J) Seeding of 100 and 110/100 hurdles-consensus to change to S curve.

 B) GROUP MEETS:    BOTH SITES, Central & Franklin, well received!!!!  

The committee discussed at length the following for the group meets:

  1. 2019-Group Meet-Groups 1, 4, NPB      Groups 2, 3, Non- Public A

             There will be a rotation each year of the Non-Publics.

  1. Start Times:  Friday 2:30pm, Saturday 10:00am  (new this year)

  2. Unified Events will remain as presently Arranged---- Saturday ONLY !!

C)   Meet of Champions:     The committee made adjustments for qualifying to the meet.          

        1) The TOP THREE individuals from each group site, (18) and 9 wildcards from each

             Group Site (18) will advance to the MOC.   Total of 36 competitors per event.

        2) However, the three relay events will remain as instituted last year.

              The top 2 from each group (12) and 6 wildcards from each group site (12) for

               A total of 24 relay teams.

  1. Similar to how we do it Indoors at the Bubble, a Coaches Platform will be made

Available near the finish line for coaches only.   An additional Marshall will be hired for that duty.

  1. A question was raised about the seeding of track event athletes for the Wildcard

Positions.  It was determined that a legal performance in any event (trials included)

Will be considered as a possible way to advance to the MOC.

D )  Additional Items that were covered:

  1. Meet of Champions Team Title Concept - that was not approved BUT Mr. Bruno has

Agreed to place in the XC, Winter and Spring Track Programs the "TEAM CHAMPIONS" from 1969 thru 1981.

  1. Mile Split---Issues with coaches violating the agreement that states, that each

(Coach) must have a separate log in. This will be stressed beginning with XC.

  1.  Issues @ some of our sectional, group and MOC were also covered.

           Mr. Bruno, Mr. Colona and Mr. Rickershauser will discuss with site directors.

  1. Special Olympics-Wheel Chair "FIELD" Events will begin at 1:15pm next spring at the MOC.

  E) Spring Track Dates:


         Non- Public North A & B    Monday & Tuesday 5/20 & 21st

         Non- Public South A & B Monday & Tuesday 5/20 & 5/21st

          Public Schools:  Friday & Saturday May 24th & 25th


         Friday 5/31 and Saturday June 1st

          MOC Saturday June 8th

                F) Dates for 2018 Cross Country:

                   Sectionals: 11/3/18   All four Sites are confirmed:   

                    Delsea, Thompson Park, Greystone and Garrett Mt.           

                   2018 Cross County Rules & Regulations are Posted on the NJSIAA Web-site     

                G) Winter Track Dates are being finalized!!!


Bob Zifchak Official, Pam Wilson Coach, Karl Torchia coach, Scott Langan AD, Marty Holleran coach,

Bill Milone Meet Director, Gerald Richardson Coach, Bob Byrnes Official, Rich Refi coach,

Len Pietrewicz Meet Director, John Tenero Official, John Schwartz Meet Director, Chris Threston coach,

Paul Schwartz Media, Elliot Denman Media, Robert Kellert MileSplit, Jay Demarest Meet Director,

Victor Wu Timing system, Steve Theobald coach, Mike McCabe coach, Tom Mason coach,  Matt Joyce

coach, Mike Jordan Meet Director, Scott Noonan Official, Susan Colacello SONJ, Thomas Harrington

SONJ, Kalee Iacoargeli SONJ, Carl Rickershauer Referee, Ed Colona Meet Director,