Coaches Set Your State Meet Entries | Registration Closing Soon

Coaches the first round of Sectional meets will be closing Tuesday January 31st at noon, please make sure your entries are set for that time. If you need a checklist or tutorials please see this document

Common Questions

  • Q: I have an athlete on my roster, but they don't show when I go to enter?
    A: Make sure that they have a TF tag applied, letting the system know they are in your track and field pool of athletes. 
  • Q: My athlete is entered but they don't have a time or their best time isn't showing?
    A: Unless there was a statistical error on our part that probably means there is a duplicate profile. Send the athlete's name and your team to so I can merge them for you. 
  • Q: I entered the meet but I don't see events to add my athletes to?
    A: That either means you are on the wrong meet page OR you forgot to check the divisions when you first entered. To fix this look to the right and lick Edit Divisions Entered, there you will see the boys and girls divisions and events should show up.
  • Q: Why isn't my athlete's hand time showing? Can I enter it? 
    A: The NJSIAA is only accepting verified times from official results, and for the 400 meter and below only F.A.T. times. You should not be entering your own times, or able to on the entries.  

Closing Tuesday 1/31 at NOON

Closing Tuesday 2/07 at NOON

Closing Tuesday 2/14 at NOON

NJSIAA Group Championships (ONLY For Non-Publics)

Closing Monday 2/13 at Noon

NJSIAA Meet of Champions (200 and 4x800 Showcase Only)
Anyone in the state can enter the showcase event! The top 24 entered boys and girls seeds will be accepted to compete. Meaning that if the top 24 ranked times don't enter then that cut off falls down further, take a shot and enter.