Meet of Champions Information Central

Welcome to the Meet of Champions information central. Everything you'll need for the biggest meet of the New Jersey season will be right here in one place for you. 

We have recorded video of every race so far this state season and we will be back again for MOCs on Saturday, recording at least six camera views of each race for your enjoyment. 


The Meet of Champions pits the best from each group against each other in one awesome race. Who's racing? The top three teams from each group, the top ten individuals from each group, three wild card teams, and ten more wild card individuals. 

Please note that you should plan of construction delays on the Parkway, please leave with enough time to make the meet and or plan alternate routes.  

Meet Schedule

11:00 A.M. - Boys Championship Race
11:45 A.M. - Girls Championship Race
12:30 P.M. - Awards Ceremony (Starting with Boys)

Spectators will be allowed to park on site for the Meet of Champions.