Columbia Girls Fall Short of National Record But Still Win Sprint Medley Championship!

The Columbia girls were stated as being bitter sweet about their national championship in the Sprint Medley Relay. They were aiming for the national record but even though they fell short of the time needed their performance was still a STATE RECORD and a US#1 time of 3:57.19. A great performance despite a morning of nerves and "iffy" handoffs. Congratulations girls!

  1 Team FitFast  'A'                                   3:57.19   5                    
     1) Maya Hinton 14                  2) Kayla Richardson 14                         
     3) Emilie Cowan 15                 4) Olivia Baker 14                             
         52.22 (52.22)         1:47.89 (55.67)       3:57.19 (2:09.30)