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Morris County Judy Sherrer Frosh-Soph Relays: GIRLS

Morris County Frosh-Soph Relays: BOYS

1. DATE: Friday, April 20, 2018

Rain Date: Friday, April 27, 2018

2. PLACE: Randolph High School

3. TIME: 4:00pm

4. FEE: $20.00/running relay

$18.00/field event relay

5. MILE SPLIT ENTRIES: Online Entry Due on: Monday, April 17, 2018 at 11:59pm

6. SEND ENTRY FEES TO: Len Pietrewicz HOME PHONE: 973-895-6005

1011 Sussex Turnpike CELL PHONE: 201-841-0566

Randolph, New Jersey


7. FIELD EVENTS: 3 Person Relays

8. COMBINED FROSH-SOPH Any combination of Freshmen & Sophomores. This rule applies to all girls

EVENTS: events, all boys field events, and the boys Shuttle Hurdles & Sprint Medley.

9. AWARDS: Medals for places 1 - 6 & Team Trophy


A. You have already submitted your roster that we will be using when you entered the mock meet. this will be your meet roster.

B. Click off 3 any names for each field event relay you wish to create. This will generate the fees for the invoice

C. Running events do not require name entry. Create the number of teams you want to enter. This will create the entry fees for the invoice.

D. If you have pre-entered a running relay lineup, you will not be bound to only those names listed.


FR-SO-G Shuttle Hurdles 4:00pm

FR-SO-B Shuttle Hurdles 4:15

FR - B 4 x 200m 4:30

FR-SO-G 4 x 200m 4:40

SO - B 4 x 200m 4:50

FR - B Distance Medley 5:00

FR-SO-G Distance Medley 5:15

SO - B Distance Medley 5:30

FR - B 4 x 100m 5:45

FR-SO-G 4 x 100m 5:55

SO - B 4 x 100m 6:05

FR-SO-G Sprint Medley 6:15

FR-SO-B Sprint Medley 6:30

FR - B 4 x 800m 6:45

FR-SO-G 4 x 800m 7:00

SO - B 4 x 800m 7:15

FR - B 4 x 400m 7:30

FR-SO-G 4 x 400m 7:40

SO - B 4 x 400m 7:50

8:00 (Finished)

Field Events:

FR-SO-B Shot Put 4:00pm

FR-SO-G Shot Put

FR-SO-B Discus

FR-SO-G Discus

FR-SO-B Javelin

FR-SO-G Javelin

FR-SO-B High Jump

FR-SO-G High Jump

FR-SO-B Long Jump

FR-SO-G Long Jump

FR-SO-B Pole Vault

FR-SO-G Pole Vault

FR-SO-B Triple Jump (follows Long Lump)

FR-SO-G Triple Jump (follows Long Jump)