Mountie Relays

Montclair, NJ

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Meet Info - click to download a written copy of the meet guidelines and Order of Events. 


On behalf of the Montclair High School Athletic Department, I would like to invite you and your team to compete in the

2nd Annual Mountie Relays. The meet will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at Woodman Field in Montclair.

The meet will place an emphasis on Penn Relay competition. A Boy's and Girl's Mile Run and the

Boy's and Girl's 3000 M will be contested.
Also, the meet will feature the SWEDISH RELAY (100,200,300,400) in the Division 1 and Division 2 competitions.Finally, even though the meet will be scored in Large School and Small School Divisions all teams will run together on the track. This is an attempt to enhance the competition in the top seeded sections and enable teams to run qualifying times for the Penn Relays.  However, all teams will be placed in competitive races based on the seed times submitted by the coaches.

Blanket Entry Fee Available: (Covers both Varsity and Frosh/Soph Events)

$750.00 for Both Boys and Girls Teams

$ 375.00 for Boys Only or Girls Only Teams

Standard Entry Fee: (for those entering a limited number of events)

$20 per Running Relay team and $10.00 per Field Relay and $10.00 Per person for  Individual events

Mountie Relay Tee-shirts will be awarded to the winning teams and individuals in all Varsity Events. Mountie Relay Medals will also be awarded to the top six teams and Individuals in all events. Team trophies will be awarded to the top two teams in the Boys' and Girls' Division I and Division II Competition. A team trophy will also be awarded to the first place team in the Boys and Girls Frosh/Soph Division. Trophies will be awarded to the outstanding athletes in Division I and Division II Boys and Girls. 

All pertinent meet information is included in this entry packet. If you have any questions, please feel free to call John Tonero @ 201-953-9052 before 9:00 PM. lease

We are working hard to make the Mountie Relays one of New Jersey's Premier Competitions. Please join us on March 31st for a great day of track and field.

John Tonero
Meet Director


There will be two divisions for both boys and girls. Boy's and Girl's Divisions will be determined by the NJSIAA Group Rankings. DivisionI will consist of Group I, Group II and Parochial B Schools. Division II will consist of Group III, Group IV and Parochial A Schools.


                                                      WOODMAN FIELD, MONTCLAIR
                                                 Saturday, MARCH 31, 2018 Starting Times:   

Check-Infor First Event - 8:15a.m.

Starting Time for First Event - 8:30 a.m.                                                                                                                                                                                              

1. Boys                              4x1600 M Relay

2. Girls                              4x1600 M Relay

3. Boys                              Shuttle Hurdles

4. Girls                              Shuttle Hurdles

5. Boys                              4x800 M. Relay

6. Girls                              4x800 M Relay

7. Frosh/Soph Boys        4x800 M Relay

8. Frosh/soph Girls        4x800 M Relay

9. Boys                             4x200 M Relay

10.Girls                             4x200 M Relay

11.Frosh/Soph Boys        4x200 M Relay

12.Frosh/Soph  Girls        4x200 M Relay   

13.Boys                            Mile Run

14.Girls                             Mile Run

15.Boys                             Intermediate Hurdles

16. Girls                            Intermediate Hurdles

17.Boys                            Sprint Medley (200,200,400,800)

18.Girls                             Sprint Medley (200,200,400,800)

19.Boys                             Distance Medley (1200,400,800.1600)

20.Girls                              Distance Medley (1200,400,800,1600)

21.Boys                             Swedish Relays (100,200,300,400)

22.Girls                              Swedish Relay (100,200,300,400)

23Frosh/Soph Boys         Distance Medley           ***Frosh/Soph Boys and Frosh/Soph Girls DM, 

24.Frosh/Soph/Girls        Distance Medley           Depending on the Numbers of Teams May Run 

25.Boys                             4x100 M Relay               Together on the Track.

26.Girls                              4x100 M Relay

27.Frosh/Soph Boys        4x100 M Relay

28.Frosh/DSoph Grils      4x100 M Relay

29.Boys                             3000 Meter Run

30 Girls                              3000 Meter Run

31 Boys                              4x400 M Relay

32.Girls                              4x400 M Relay

33.Frosh/Soph Boys        4x400 M Relay

34.Frosh/Soph Girls        4x400 M Relay


High Jump:     Boys, Girls, Frosh/Soph Boys, Frosh/Soph Girls

Long Jump:     Girls, Boys, Frosh/Soph Girls, Frosh/Soph Boys  

Triple Jump:    Boys, Girls,Frosh/Soph Boys, Frosh/Soph Girls

 Shot Put:          Frosh/Soph Boys, Frosh/SophGirls, Boys, Girls    

 Discus:             Boys,Girls, Frosh/Soph Girls, Frosh, Soph Boys    

Javelin:            Girls, Boys, Frosh/Soph Boys, Frosh/Soph Girls    

Pole Vault:       Girls,Boys



Coaches can enter up to 8 athletes per running relay.  Six athletes per field event relay. Six Athletes in the Mile Run and 3000 Meter Run


Running Relays: Performance sheets will be available at the meet and you must highlight the four athletes competing in each event before the events are called for by the clerks for final seeding. Teams that do not have their athletes highlighted will be scratched from the event. 

One Mile and 3000 Meter Run: Coaches must highlight up to three names of those competing before the events are called for by the clerks for final seeding. Athletes that have not been highlighted will be scratched from the event. 

Field events: Coaches will receive, according to their entry, up to 6 labels per field event in their packets. Coaches will need to affix two labels per event on the cards provided for those actually competing in the event. This must be done before the athletes report to their respective field event venues. 


Finally, coaches will not be able to make changes to their roster, to their eight relay running event names, or to their six field event relay names after 5:00AM on March 27th. This means that no name changes, or additions will be made at the meet on March 31st, as well!

Further Meet information on the next page when you click to register for the meet.