Meet Information

WATCH LIVE ON MILESPLIT! High School Relays Rules and InformationMeet RecordsEntry Form BoysEntry Form GirlsSATURDAY, APRIL 22nd, 2017MEET BEGINS AT 9:00 A.M.ALL RUNNING EVENTS WILL BE IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER:GROUP I, II, III, IVALL RUNNING EVENTS ARE FINAL ON TIME.RUNNING EVENTS:EVENT 1 WOMENS SHUTTLE HURDLES (HOME SIDE)EVENT 2 MENS SHUTTLE HURDLES (VISITORS SIDE)EVENT 3 WOMENS DISTANCE MEDLEY (1200, 400, 800, 1600) ***EVENT 4 MENS DISTANCE MEDLEY (1200, 400, 800, 1600) ***EVENT 5 WOMENS 800 METER RELAYEVENT 6 MENS 800 METER RELAYEVENT 7 WOMENS 3200 METER RELAY ***EVENT 8 MENS 3200 METER RELAY ***EVENT 9 WOMENS 400 METER RELAYEVENT 10 MENS 400 METER RELAYEVENT 11 WOMENS SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY (400, 200, 200, 800)+++EVENT 12 MENS SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY (400, 200, 200, 800) +++EVENT 13 WOMENS 1600 METER RELAY +++EVENT 14 MENS 1600 METER RELAY +++EVENT 15 3000 METER STEEPLECHASE (WOMEN THEN MEN)FIELD EVENTS:EVENTS 16 & 17 SHOT (WOMEN, THEN MEN)EVENTS 18 & 19 DISCUS (MEN, THEN WOMEN)EVENTS 20 & 21 JAVELIN (WOMEN, THEN MEN)EVENTS 22 & 23 LONG JUMP (MEN, THEN WOMEN)EVENTS 24 & 25 HIGH JUMP (WOMEN, THEN MEN)EVENTS 26 & 27 POLE VAULT (MEN, THEN WOMEN)EVENTS 28 & 29 TRIPLE JUMP (WOMEN, THEN MEN) (FOLLOWS LONG JUMP)*** Groups may be combined if the number of Entries are low.+++ May be run with a Waterfall start.MIDDLE SCHOOL RELAYSORDER OF EVENTSFRIDAY, APRIL 21, 2017MEET BEGINS at 4:00 P.M.GIRLS WILL RUN FIRST IN ALL RUNNING EVENTSEVENT 1. 3200 METER RELAY (4 X 800)EVENT 2. 800 METER RELAY (4 X 200)EVENT 3. MEDLEY RELAY (200, 200, 400, 1600)EVENT 4. 400 METER RELAY X 100)EVENT 5. 1600 METER RELAY (4 X 400)FIELD EVENTS:EVENT 6. SHOT RELAY (BOYS FOLLOWED BY GIRLS)EVENT 7. DISCUS RELAY (GIRLS FOLLOWED BY BOYS)EVENT 8. LONG JUMP RELAY (BOYS FOLLOWED BY GIRLS)FIELD EVENT RULES:2 ATHLETES PER TEAM, ONE RELAY PER SCHOOL2 THROWS OR JUMPS PER ATHLETE BEST PERFORMANCE OF EACH WILL BE ADDED TOGETHER FOR THE TOTAL FOR THE TEAM.Parking Dear Athletic Director and Track Coach,The 45th running of the Woodbury Relays will take place on Saturday April, 22nd. We are extremely proud to continue the tradition of running a first class event. Please follow the guidelines to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible:Bus parking is on Francis Ave., across the creek from the track. TEAMS MAY NOT UNLOAD UNTIL THE BUS IS PARKED. POLICE AND SECURITY WILL NOT ALLOW BUSES TO STOP TO UNLOAD TEAMS WHILE STILL IN LINE TO PARK.No buses may come into the school parking lots to drop off teams.Tents will not be allowed to be set up in the home bleachers. Tents may be set up behind the away bleachers.Teams may not sit in the home stands to the right of the press box near the finish line. Seating in that area is reserved for spectators.Please make sure all forms are sent in before the deadlines to make sure your teams are listed in the programs.