Sectional Previews as Virtual Meets (Boys)

The NJSIAA Sectional Championships start this Friday and for those of you fans, coaches and athletes who want to start planning and handicapping each of the meets to see the "What if" scenarios, we bring you the Virtual Meet . Based on season best performances,  the Virtual Sectional Championship Meets score 6 places and gives final scores based on the 16 events to be contested.

As always, if there are corrections / additions, please contact me at



Group 4 - Central Jersey

Group 4 - North 1

Group 4 - North 2

Group 4 - South Jersey



Group 3 - Central Jersey

Group 3 - North 1

Group 3 - North 2

Group 3 - South Jersey



Group 2 - Central Jersey

Group 2 - North 1

Group2 - North 2

Group 2 - South Jersey



Group 1 - Central Jersey

Group 1 - North 1

Group 1 - North 2

Group 1 - South Jersey



Non Public A - North

Non Public A - South



Non Public B - North

Non Public B - South





Note                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      There are a couple of teams in a few sections who have so dominated an event or events that more than the 3 athletes allowed by NJSIAA entry rules may show up in the scoring. Obviously this will not be the case in "Real Life"













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