Thompson Park Class Meet Entries, Info, and More

The Thompson Park Class Meet will take place Saturday at.. Thompson Park in Jamesburg, NJ. The action kicks off at 10am and a new race schedule has been released so check that out below. We have also released a bunch of all-time performance lists for both team and individuals. Good luck to those competing. 

Meet PageMeet Entries

New Race Schedule

Senior Boys 1 Race    10:00
Senior Boys 2 Race    10:15
Senior Girls Race        10:30
Junior Boys 1 Race      10:50
Junior Boys 2 Race       11:05
Junior Girls Race            11:20
Soph Boys 1 Race        11:40
Soph Boys 2 Race          11:55
Soph Girls Race            12:10
Frosh Boys 1 Race        12:30
Frosh Boys 2 Race        12:45
Frosh Girls Race            1:00 

Here are the all-time team performances for the Thompson Park Class Meet. This combines all the meets since 2007 and scores them in one place as a merge. If you would like to see the individual listings we have linked those articles below as well.