Virtual Meets and How to Use Them | Preview a Meet or Dream Up Epic Showdowns

If you haven't seen it already there was a big change to our Virtual Meet feature this past fall. The redesign combines the great features of both the old XC Team Scoring and Virtual Meets in one improved package. All three choices work with each season (cross country, indoor track, outdoor track) and more scoring options take it all to the next level. Above I give you an inside look at just a few of the ways you can utilize the new revamped version of Virtual Meets on MileSplit. 


Virtual Meet Options

  • From Previous Meets | You can use this option to pick specific meets to score results from. For cross country this is great because you can use the filter to show meets from one course or in general only from championship meets for example. It is all there for you to easily select. A great way to make your own result merges.  
  • Build From Scratch | This replacement is similar to the virtual meets of yesteryear.. but 10x better. You can choose any teams you want or select our pre-classified team lists such as by county or section and score away. Once you see the results this is where it really takes off for track. You can change the scoring options, how many times an athlete can score, how many entries per team and so on. 
  • From Upcoming Meet | This is a great tool to get an idea of your competition heading into a meet. You can select future meets and any team stated as attending on that meet page will have their roster scored for you based on your settings. With the increase in online registration on MileSplit many of your meets should have the teams attending ready to go!
  • And these are all basic explanations, there is so much more you can do with them. Such as editing times, adding or removing athletes, and more.  Jump in and play around with the settings, have fun. 

What are Virtual Meets?

Virtual Meets allow you to create your dream match up. Want to find out what the meet this weekend might look like? Want to face off the top teams in the state or the country and see who wins? Put in your conference or district? Mash up all of the meets from last weekend and see who wins the super meet?

Now you can do all of those things and a lot more. Build your meet based on an upcoming meet (using who is entered in that meet), use teams and results from previous meets, or create your own from scratch.

Once you create the meet based on your custom settings, you can then even edit the meet by changing the times or scoring settings. Scratch an athlete you know to be hurt. Add a new freshman that hasn't run yet, but you expect them to be a factor. It's your virtual meet! Now go have some fun with it!